Monday, August 18, 2014

Urban Decay Perversion vs. Benefit They're Real!

The battle of the mascaras! Whether you're a makeup newbie or a licensed professional, you know that mascara is the key aspect to any great look. With so many different options and companies constantly coming out with something newer and better its easy to get confused. Recently the two makeup powerhouses of the industry (Urban Decay and Benefit) have come out with mascaras promising to be "Bigger Blacker Badder" or "Lengthen, Curl, Volumize, Lift, and Separate!" And thanks to ipsy and birchbox I had the privilege of trying both without having to hunt them down in stores.

Urban Decay Preversion

I'm already a huge fan of Urban Decay and swear by their Supercurl Curling mascara. So I was eagerly anticipating this product. I have to admit I had pretty high expectations for this mascara. With so much promotion it had to be good. Perversion totally met and exceeded my expectations. This mascara is awesome! The brush is full and the bristles are very flexible. It hugs and evenly coats every lash. The formula is great, it applies very well and stays put all day. My only tiny precaution is that you have to take your time applying this mascara, if you rush it will clump.

Benefit They're Real

This was the first Benefit product I've tried. For me Benefit has a vintage conservative feel to their company and while I'm sure they have great quality products that's not really my style. Anyway, I thought this mascara seemed interesting. I almost buy it every time I'm in Sephora but always end up getting distracted (usually by something sparkly or purple) before I can throw in it my basket. It literally made my day when I opened my August birchbox and saw it. This is a good mascara.....good. I honestly didn't see anything spectacular about it. The formula's pretty good, the staying power is probably the best thing about this product. The brush however is the worst. The bristles are hard and don't give at all. Also the end has these bristles pointing every which way. They make it almost impossible to start at the root without poking your eye (which is quite painful as it is, add those bristle things it's even worse) I think this would be a great product if the brush was more flexible and had a normal rounded tip.

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